• Frequently Asked Questions

  • Know what questions to ask when choosing professionals for your landscape construction project.

  • “As experienced professionals we’ll give you guidance to things you haven’t thought of,” says Roy Dunn, managing partner and designer for Dunn Landscape Construction, llc.

  • When will you knock on my door each morning?
    We will usually start at 7:00 am, Monday to Friday although many days we may need to begin our day at our yard assembling equipment, tools and materials and may not be on site until later in the day.

    How long have you been in business?
    Roy & Pat have over 20 years experience in landscape construction and design – Dunn Landscape Construction Incorporated their business in 2004.

    How long does it take to complete your projects?
    Each project varies in time however we use a loose figure of between $8,000.00 and $14,000.00 of work can be done by a crew each week.

    What percentage of your business is repeat or referral business?
    We are continually amazed how many “new” customers say they chose us because we were referred by a friend or saw another job we had just completed.
    It’s a fair “guesstimate” to say 95% of our customers come through a referral.

    What happens if some of my plantings die once you leave?
    As you know, plants are living organisms and as such require a certain level of care and attention to survive. Our plant warranty is not unconditional. If a plant dies because your dog sat on it, we make the dog pay for the replacement. We will replace any plant once, within a one year period. If the same plant dies again, you may be expected to pay for the replacement plant and labor yourself.

    Will I be able to use my garage and driveway while you’re working?
    Likely in some capacity, however every job is different and material storage is usually an issue on most projects.
    Can you guarantee a start and finish time?
    No, I wish we could but it’s never been possible. Like the weather – we can guess close but don’t plan any picnics till the work is done.

    What happens if you cut my phone or Cable line and I have no internet service?
    We usually have the ability to make temporary repairs to phone and cable lines however that type damage is sometimes unavoidable because neither company “locates” individual service lines.

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