• Drainage

  • Basic installation of a blanket drain which will catch surface run coming off of the hill and preventing: hardscape damage, excessive water reaching foundation, and a swampy lawn.
  • Prevent Water Damage with Drains & Grading

  • Water is often the biggest factor in damage to homes. Improper land grades and drainage systems around homes can cause severe problems such as, flooding, foundation damage , harmful mold, hardscape settlement, and swampy lawn areas.

  • Fix your Wet & Leaky Basement permanently

  • Anyone who has experienced a flooded basement knows how much of a headache it can be. A wet basement can be costly, especially if it is finished or used for storage. However, a moldy basement can be a dangerous health risk. Due to the prevalence of ground water in Connecticut, this is a serious concern for home-owners in the area.

    However, there are a number of less costly solutions that can be put into place before flooding occurs. Soil grading is the most basic technique used by landscape contractors to control the direction that rain and ground water moves. By gently sloping a landscape design, water will move away from the foundation of a house. Not only will good lawn drainage prevent flooding in your basement, it will protect your lawn by preventing pooling in your yard. With the addition of professional edging, flower beds and luxurious grass will thrive with proper yard drainage.

    Another basement waterproofing solution is the installation of drainage and gutter systems that move water off of your roof and away from your home. A poorly installed downspout can do more harm that help. If downspout dispersal is in the wrong place, the water will move towards the house’s foundation. Similarly, a French drain can be installed in a way that compliments the already existing landscaping.

    Even if flooding has already occurred, simple drainage measures can serve as a method of basement waterproofing. Call Connecticuts’s leading landscaping contractors and protect your home.

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