• Brick Paver Driveways

    Dunn Landscape Construction installs traditional concrete and permeable paver driveways. The engineering behind Interlocking Concrete Pavement (ICP) ensures a proven, enduring performance exceeding that of common pavements.

    A permeable paver or turf stone driveway can support the desire to be more environmentally responsible.

  • Pavingstone Driveway Paving
    This material is becoming increasingly more popular as driveway paving material, particularly around the Connecticut Shoreline areas.
    Approximately 40% of new driveway installations use interlocking paving stones (pavers).

    The cost of pavingstone driveways is just slightly higher than most concrete driveways, but pavers offer a number of fantastic features other driveway paving materials do not. For a starting cost of approximately $12.50/sq. ft., paving stone driveways offer the strongest material you can park or drive on.

    Colors, sizes, textures, and patterns can create hundreds of unique styles to complement your property. These stones have a classy look and also last for decades. Many paving stone driveways we’ve installed more than 15 years ago, still look amazing!

    Another distinct advantage of paving stone driveways is their ability to be repaired. It’s rare to have an area settle with an expert installation due to this flexible, interlocking alternative. However, if repair is necessary or an area needs to be temporarily removed to run an underground conduit or a utility line, this type of driveway can easily be repaired with virtually no evidence of a repair.

    Pavingstone Driveway Paving Pros:
    Quite durable, easily repaired, minimal maintenance, longest lifespan, beautiful aesthetic options

    Pavingstone Driveway Paving Cons: Slightly higher cost for installation

    Without a doubt, choosing paving stones for your new driveway is a winning option for your property.

    These classy materials will not only save you aggravation, but can increase the value of your home!

    We will provide superior service at a price you can afford. Dunn Landscape Construction, llc has steadily built a reputation as the best Pavers company with the best Paver installers in Southern CT.

    If you’d like a quote for your Pavers project please fill out our contact form. Tell us what you need, and we will get back to you quickly with a price quote.

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